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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Wed Aug 15, 2012 8:29 am

Greetings! Moderator Wolfbane here making just a simple announcement which newer users are strongly advised to browse.
The rules and regulations of the Jblood Pack are compulsory and it is essential that you follow them for the well-being of both yourself and other hybrids and wolves of the Jblood empire. It has already been established in the terms and conditions of the forum viewed during registration that you obey these rules and only question them if necessary. There shall be no exceptions granted to these terms, and if users are found to be abusing them, the consequences will range on a scale from temporary absence from the forums to a permanent ban. If the offending user holds the positions moderator or administrator (with the exceptions of the lead admin and myself) the users shall immediately be demoted from these rankings. Further, any persistent offenders to the terms may suffer permanent or temporary exile from the Jblood pack under the judgement of the lead administrator and myself. By becoming a member of the Jblood, you agree to respect these terms, and abide by them cautiously.


#1- Users within Jblood are allowed to fight amongst themselves if provoked or in training, but anything from death to serious injury is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Actions taken against this offence will be variable depending on the situation.

#2- Any sexual references made by users within Jblood must be delivered within PM (Private Message) and must not be direct. In other words, mild innuendous comments are allowed but not encouraged, and anything exceeding this barrier shall result in punishment within the form of temporary to permanent ban from the forums and exclusion in Feral Heart and Wolf Quest role plays.

#3- Any alcohol or drug related references made by users within Jblood will not be tolerated, as this may cause offence among others leading to larger scale issues. There will be no exceptions allowed upon this offence, and any user caught abusing this policy will suffer under the judgement of the lead admin and myself.

#4- Strong language is allowed to be used within role plays and the forum, however unnecessary, excessive usage of swear words shall result in minor punishments toward the offending user.

#5- Any questioning or violations to the policy which the pack rests upon will not be tolerated, as we work as a unit without ranks with the exceptions of the leading Jbloods, including myself and the lead admin. Users must accept that we two are superior, however we shall be considerate to fairness and equality where necessary. Please be aware that life as a Jblood will be a challenge; we are a pack built up on both wolf and hybrid beings, and ruthlessness is unchallenged if not encouraged among the community.
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Rules and Regulations
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